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Welcome to Wahat Al Wahat, your premier choice for AC maintenance services in Dubai.

AC maintenance services in Dubai

With scorching temperatures throughout the year, a reliable and efficient air conditioning system is a necessity for every home and business in this vibrant city. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing top-notch AC maintenance services in Dubai, ensuring that your cooling systems operate at their peak performance.

Why You Should Choose Wahat Al Wahat For Your AC Maintenance services in Dubai

As you know Waht Al Wahat is the best AC repairing company in Dubai. There are several compelling reasons why Wahat Al Wahat is the perfect choice for your AC repair needs in Dubai. First and foremost, we prioritize quality service and customer satisfaction above all else. Our team takes a customer-centric approach, ensuring that your requirements are met with precision and professionalism. Furthermore, we use the latest tools and technologies to diagnose and fix AC service Dubai issues accurately. Additionally, our transparent pricing policy and upfront quotes provide you with peace of mind and eliminate any surprises.

We are AC Maintenance experts in Dubai, providing top-notch HVAC repair services in Dubai, AC installation in Dubai, and professional AC cleaning solutions. Moreover, our skilled AC technicians offer emergency AC repair in Dubai, Dubai AC maintenance, ductless AC units, and excellent cooling system services. We provide you with an AC repair man urgently. Experience the finest AC maintenance services in Dubai with us. 

AC maintenance services in Dubai

Inspection of Air Compressor

Our experts ensure that the compressor is on a flat and level surface. Technicians inspect the air compressor and change the compressor pump oil. They check whether the crankcase assembly has sufficient grease or not. If not, they will remove the oil cap to let the oil drain out. Replace the oil cap and fill the crankcase halfway with oil. They also clean the inside and outside of the compressor from dirt and debris.

Inspection & Cleaning of Filters

Maintenance tasks also include the routine cleaning or replacement of air filters. If you use an HVAC system frequently, keep an eye on its filters after certain intervals. After every month or two, filter cleaning is necessary. Clean filters can decrease overall energy consumption by 5%- 15%. Dirty or clogged filters reduce the airflow and hinder the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity.

Inspection of Refrigerant

The air-conditioning unit has small metal tubes that carry the system’s refrigerant and run between the air handling unit and the exterior condenser. Leakage of refrigerant pipes requires immediate professional service for repair. Without refrigerant, the AC’s cooling system does not work accurately. Our expert technician team checks the amount of refrigerant and tests it for leaks. They also look for any seal duct leakage in central systems.

AC repair near me

Selecting the right AC maintenance Dubai service can make a world of difference in your comfort and savings. Experts recommend that AC maintenance services in Dubai must be performed at least four to five times every year. If you frequently manage AC maintenance in Dubai, you can ensure the life stability of your air conditioner. Usually, April and August are scorching in Dubai or the whole UAE. So, reliable and steady HVAC systems are needed to ensure comfort, environment friendly, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Moreover, AC Maintenance Dubai is very necessary because you have no extra money to buy a new AC every season. 

Does your AC frequently require repair services?

Wahat Alwahat is one of the best AC Maintenance companies in Dubai companies and our experts can suggest the best solutions. Our best engineering team can design, calculate, install, test, and repair almost all types of ACs, whether in residential buildings, factories, or industries. You can find our service online by searching for AC maintenance near me or AC repair near me by calling Wahat Alwahat’s phone number directly. However, Our professionals are quickly available on a single call and provide services in all residential and commercial buildings, including restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, warehouses, and many other places. Our professionals can diagnose the root cause of a malfunctioning AC unit. Hence, fix the fault in no time.

Why is AC maintenance services in Dubai necessary?

AC is a sophisticated machine that requires regular maintenance and repair to function
accurately and extends its lifespan to several years longer. Ignoring necessary AC service
may result in poor performance or even the need to switch to a new one. It is better to
plan to avoid unnecessary expenses before it’s too late.
AC maintenance services in Dubai is essential for increasing energy efficiency, the durability of the air
conditioning units, and the removal of excess moisture from the air. Dirty AC units can’t
work correctly. They use more energy and produce less effective cooling air. Moreover, A giant pile of dirt and smoke leads to the growth of many microorganisms, such as mold, that may cause hazardous diseases. It is preferable to prevent all these inconveniences by hiring
Dubai’s finest AC Maintenance Dubai services.


Measuring Thermostat Accuracy

Wahat Alwahat is the finest company for AC Maintenance Dubai, our trained experts ensure the proper operation of the thermostat by inspecting its installation. They certify that it is away from all heating sources, like light bulbs, lamps, heat-producing appliances, and even solar rays.

Lubrication of moving parts

They ensure that all moving parts are in good working order and are not causing friction. They lubricate all the moving parts because lacking lubrication produces friction and causes unnecessary damage. System parts may break down more frequently and cost you More.


Check & tighten all electrical connection

Our professional technicians check every wire to ensure that electrical wiring is accurate and operating smoothly. If any wire is slightly exposed or loose, it should be tightened or replaced to improve the lifespan of your air conditioner.

What are the things included in Professional AC Maintenance Dubai near me?

If your AC is struggling to maintain your expectations and need a proper inspection, you should search for AC repair near me and consult your problem with our experts. Our AC Maintenance Dubai company has skilled technicians to inspect your HVAC equipment. 

Measuring Thermostat Accuracy
light bulbs, lamps, solar rays 99%
Check & tighten all electrical connection
wire check, loose, spark 100%
Lubrication of moving parts
lubricate , friction, moving part 99%
Inspection of the System’s Working
lose belt, damage belt 99%
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Wahat Alwahat AC Maintenance Dubai includes cleaning its filters, coils, and fan oil
check to ensure an effective run throughout its lifespan. Neglecting essential repairs will
result in poor performance and greater energy consumption. If you want your air
conditioner to be fully functional, then it requires regular inspection services.

It is mandatory to service your home air conditioner once a year. However, some regular
check-ins and dirt cleaning by technicians are also necessary for its smooth running.

If your AC unit does not receive timely maintenance, its mechanical parts will still
operate well. But eventually, the unit will start losing its cooling power, and the system
may sustain grave damage. You have to bear higher repair costs or even replace some
parts. Such air conditioning may consume more energy, resulting in higher electricity
bills. Our AC maintenance services in Dubai can solve all these worries.

In Dubai, AC services may cost around AED 150 per hour, excluding VAT. Maintenance
includes all kinds of cleaning, inspections, and repairs. Bearing this cost a couple of times
each year is minimal as compared to the destroyed unit, which is incurable.

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