How do I find the best Painting Service providers near me?

It is somehow confusing to choose the best painting service providers. People demand experienced painting contractors that not only do a painting job but also provide full-service residential, commercial, and villa painting. It must include repair work as well as the customer’s color preferences. Our priority is to save you time and provide a stress-free painting service without worrying about risk.
Whether you want to change color or add a coat of paint to refresh the existing or fade paint, we at Wahat Alwahat are at your service. We are here in full cooperation to provide authentic guidance and help you decorate your place according to your dreams. Our dedicated painters in Dubai provide excellent color consulting and are well-acquainted with the latest trending designs and patterns. They have the right tools that ensure an even distribution of colors or the type of wallpaper or texture you demand.

Painters in Dubai

We use high-grade paints and emulsions. Pay attention to every inch of detail as the best painting services in Dubai. We not only offer premium quality but also give the best price that fits within your budget. We don’t switch to another project by hanging our client in the middle. Instead, we stick to your plan from its inception to its conclusion. Whenever a project is complete, we receive appreciation, customer satisfaction, and recognition as a reliable brand because we don’t compromise on quality.
We have a reliable team that also supports you in repairing and maintenance work such as peeling paint, fixing discoloration, filling holes and cracks, setting and operating boom lifts, scaffolding, painting pipes, pressure washers, specialty rollers, or even a touch-up or patch-up work.

What color is the best for my house?

You might be surprised that painting with new and exciting colors promotes stress relief, relaxation, and memory enhancement. Color is a powerful and mood-lifting design tool that evokes calmness and cheerfulness and creates a more comfortable atmosphere. A home is a where you can relax and feel happy and calm. Choose colors that bring positivity and calmness to your home.

Wahat Alwahat house painting service in Dubai provides a guideline for the best color selection. Bright and vibrant shades are energizing, whereas light and matte shades can be soothing and relaxing. Colors tend to make small rooms feel larger without moving any walls. If you want a cozy den feeling, paint the walls with warm colors. If you use fresher colors or natural colors, your first choices should be celery green, sky blue, and light purple.
Choosing the color for painting can be an overwhelming process. Our expert painters can advise you on color selection and contrast that will complement your style and meet your needs or business requirement.

Colors Suggestion

For the Dining room, you can select colors that evoke hunger, like yellow, red, or pink. For bathrooms’ a combination of blue and white finish creates a clean aura. Consider using contrasting colors in the kitchen to showcase creativity while making the space cleaner and spacious. The contrast of navy blue and white is the most popular color in demand for Kitchens. You can also choose white walls with black countertops and shades like emerald green or royal blue cabinets. Your kitchen will become elegant and beautiful. Well, it’s up to your choice and color sense to select the appropriate shades accordingly.

Residential Interior and Exterior Painting

If you want to upgrade your home decor with an attractive paint finish, search no more. Contact us and get benefits from our innovative painting concepts. Firstly, we learn and understand the vision of your dream home and try to provide a quality service that refreshes your home and makes it stand out from the crowd.
Painting your house can lengthen its integrity and protect it from weather, temperature, and other elements. Whether you choose an exterior or interior painting, it reduces moisture damage, prevents mold, and makes it strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear.

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

In residential painting service, we cover the entire house’s walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and other surfaces. Old wooden furniture can become new by polishing it. Additional work preparation includes furniture and hangings removal from walls (pictures, clocks, artwork, etc.). They also tape edges and corners and lay down drop clothes.
Before starting interior painting, our painters perform duties like removing old wallpaper, repairing drywall, plastering over cracks and holes, and scraping away old paint. For residential home interiors, we can paint every room from the kitchen to the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, including hallways, garages, foyers, and kitchen cabinets.
In exterior painting, our team power washes the outside of your house. And the service includes outdoor areas, including roofs, garage doors, fencing, repainting window frames, and more. Our expert team can even paint on bricks, metal, wood, concrete, stucco, etc.

Wall Texture Painting

  • Textured paint is a type of paint that is slightly thicker than usual paint because it includes sand and many other materials.
    Adding a texture to any wall, interior, or exterior enhances the beauty of the architect. Our professional painters are masters in selecting and creating innumerable design finishes that can change the outlook of your home, office building, or any commercial space.

Office and Commercial Painting

  • Painting or renovating a commercial property or an office increases the durability and lifespan of the building. Plus, it helps to attract more clients and customers. As the best office and commercial painting company, we ensure you get high-quality office exterior and interior décor. 
    Wahat Alwahat offers the best painting services in Dubai, including residential painting services, villa Painting services, office or commercial painting services, and industrial sectors. We cover entire business structures with a primary focus on the weather ability of the paint as per the business code. Our Commercial painting service includes power washing, HOA painting, painting of hotels and hospitals, brick waterproofing, high durability coating, Masonry coating, etc.

How do we work?

You can contact us online and find painters near me and painting services near me or call us on our helpline. Once you contact us, our team will visit your home. After inspecting the house, office, or commercial space and analyzing the customer’s demand, we give an estimated figure.
We can perform our task within feasible hours (as per schedule). So, your business can’t get uninterrupted. We are providing the best painting services in Dubai marina including interior and exterior painting for commercial and house painting.

Why You Should Choose Us for Painting Services in Dubai?

  • When it comes to painting services in Dubai, choosing the right company can make all the difference in the final outcome of your project. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional painting service, here are compelling reasons why you should choose us:
    Our professionals are well-trained and use protective measures and gear while painting. We also provide apartment painting services in Dubai and villa painting services in Dubai. Our expertise, attention to detail, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach make us the ideal choice for transforming your property with a fresh coat of paint. Let us bring vibrancy and beauty to your space with our professional painting services.

FAQs Painting Services in Dubai

  • How much does a paint job cost in Dubai?

The cost of a paint job in Dubai can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the area, type of paint, complexity of the job, and the specific service provider. It can be 200 AED to 6000 AED depending on the area size. Moreover, contact Wahat Al Wahat, they give you a big discount.

  • What do painters charge per day?

The daily charges for painters can vary significantly based on location, expertise, and the specific project. In some places, painters might charge an hourly rate, while in others, they might charge a flat rate per day. The average rate can be 120 to 200 AED per day.

  • How can I start a painting business in Dubai?

Starting a business in Dubai involves navigating local regulations, cultural considerations, and market dynamics. It’s recommended to consult with business advisors, legal experts, and industry professionals to ensure a smooth and successful launch of your paint business.

  • How much does it cost to paint a wall in Dubai?

The cost of painting a wall in Dubai can vary based on factors such as the size of the wall, the type of paint, the complexity of the job, and the specific painting contractor you choose. On average, the cost to paint a standard-sized wall (approximately 10 square meters) in Dubai might range from AED 300 to AED 800 or more, including labor and materials. However, prices can fluctuate, so it’s recommended to request quotes from local painting contractors to get a more accurate estimate for your specific project.